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VV Packages (Friday - Sunday)

Guided Tour (Friday afternoon)

On Friday afternoon, we will offer a guided tour through Vienna to show you some of the not so well known places of this beautiful city, which is full of history. (The tour guide will speak English and/or German.)

If you sign up, we will send an email with all the details to you (e.g. meeting point, start time, etc.) before you arrive in Vienna.

Please note, participation is free for athletes and supporter, however participation is limited - first come, first served.

Dinner buffet (Saturday)

Swim Events

You can sign up for as many events as you wish. In case of too many starts / less time, we might reduce the number of individual starts per participant. In this case we will get in touch with you before VIVA9.


You have chosen the supporter package, therefore you cannot sign up for swim events.

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57.67 (fifty-seven seconds, sixty-seven hundredths)
1:04.09 (one minute, four seconds and 9 hundredths)
NT (if you have no entry time)


In addition to your individual starts you can start in freestyle and medley relays. Please use the relay registration forms below and send them back to until Sunday, February 12, 2023 the very latest.

Freestyle relay registration form (PDF)

Medley relay registration form (PDF)

(You can also downlaod the forms at a later time)

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