VV8 Entry Pack

VIVA8 - International Masters Swim Meet for Queers & Friends Break Ice. Break records.

All details about the swimming competition. Location, events, judging, awards, and conditions.

Host: SC Diana
Event management: SC Diana
Date: Saturday, February 16, 2019
Location: Hallenbad Floridsdorf
Franklinstraße 22
1210 Vienna
Number of lanes: 6
Pool length: 25 m
Water temperature: 27°C
Timing: fully electronic

Order of Events:

Session 1

Warm up:
9 - 9.45 a.m.
10 a.m.
Event 01 200m Freestyle, AG 25 and older
Event 02 200m Freestyle, AG 20
Event 03 200m Breaststroke, AG 25 and older
Event 04 200m Breaststroke, AG 20
Event 05 50m Backstroke, AG 25 and older
Event 06 50m Backstroke, AG 20
Event 07 100m Butterfly, AG 25 and older
Event 08 100m Butterfly, AG 20
Event 09 100m Individual Medley, AG 25 and older
Event 10 100m Individual Medley, AG 20
Event 11 4x50m Medley, AG 25 and older
Event 12 4x50m Medley, mixed, AG 25 and older

Session 2

Event 13 50m Freestyle, AG 25 and older
Event 14 50m Freestyle, AG 20
Event 15 200m Individual Medley, AG 25 and older
Event 16 200m Individual Medley, AG 20
Event 17 50m Butterfly, AG 25 and older
Event 18 50m Butterfly, AG 20
Event 19 100m Backstroke, AG 25 and older
Event 20 100m Backstroke, AG 20
Event 21 50m Breaststroke, AG 25 and older
Event 22 50m Breaststroke, AG 20
Event 23 4x50m Freestyle, AG 25 and older
Event 24 4x50m Freestyle, mixed, AG 25 and older
End of competition: 6 p.m.

General conditions:

The tournament will be held according to the FINA Masters Rules and the competition rules of the Austrian Swimming Federation. All national and international participants are eligible provided they are 20 years or older as of December 31, 2019, their national swimming club is a FINA member and they possess the right to start for their club. International participants confirm with their registration that their swimming club is a member of their national swimming federation, they are entitled with an appropriate individual licence, and they have a permit for international entries.

For participants in the age group 20-24 years the Fina-MASTERS-Rules do not apply. They will swim in separate heats and they are not entitled to participate in the Masters relays.

All events will be carried out in timed heats and the starting places will be assigned according to the registration lists. Women and men are starting in the same events.

Events or sessions may be changed by the referee in justified cases.


Registration: Only online registrations are accepted.
Relays: PDF Form 4x50m Freestyle - PDF Form 4x50m Medley
Close of registration: Sunday, February 10, 2019


Judging is based on age groups and sex (AK 20, AK 25, AK 30, AK 35, AK 40,...). The age groups are assigned based on the FINA Masters Rules.


The first three places in each event, age group, and sex will be awarded a coveted Vienna Valentine crystal medal. For relays, (women/men/mixed), the judging is based on age groups beginning with AK100–119.

Number of participants:

The tournament is limited to a maximum of 200 swimmers.

Registration fee:

The registration fee for the package "Athlete" is 30 €. This includes participation in all individual events and relay starts. The extended package "Athlete Plus" also includes party and brunch tickets, these choices can be booked online. Registration fee needs to be payed before close of registration and needs to be transfered to the account, which will be sent by e-mail to each participant after successful registration. The bank transfer has to include your registration number and last name.

Other conditions:

All participants attend the tournament at their own risk. There is no sport or accident insurance for participants. The organizer is not responsible for damages or theft during the competition.

Results and photos will be published on the website after the meet.

Social events:

Team Kraulquappen is the organizer of all social events.



Follow results live during the competition:


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