About VIVA8

VIVA - Vienna Valentine - is a three day happening for queers & friends with sports, party, and a message: Break Ice. Break Records. It is Vienna's masters swimming competition with the greatest variety of nationalities. It is also Austria's only LGBTQI-masters-swimming tournament. With Aufschlag and its volleyball tournament VIVA becomes Austria's biggest LGBTQI sports event. Friends welcome!

For VIVA8 both the current Presidents of the Austrian and the Vienna Swimming Federations, Arno Pajek and Marlies Kinzel, are holding the patronship. VIVA - Vienna Valentine - is co-organized by the teams of Kraulquappen and Aufschlag.

VIVA8 will be opened at 10am by Kraulquappen member Ulrike Lunacek. She will welcome all the teams (41 coming from 13 countries), and especially present two prominent swimmers: Marlies Kinzel, President of the Vienna Swimming Association, and Maxim Podoprigora, European 200m breaststroke champion in 2003, and the first Austrian to win a medal at world championships: In Fukuoka in 2001 he won the silver medal in his primary event, the 200m breaststroke. He participated in three Olympic Games (2000, 2004 and 2008).

About VIVA

VIVA has been …  under the patronship of Ulrike Lunacek (former Member and Vice-President of the European Parliament/The Greens and former Chairwoman of the LGBTI-Intergroup) since the first tournament in 2005.  Ulrike is also competing in the tournament. Paul Schauer, former President of the Austrian Swimming Federation (OSV), opened the first VIVA together with Ulrike, and held patronship until VIVA4.

VIVA wants … to encourage and provide incentive for more tolerance, respect, and solidarity. Since it is all about love, VIVA takes place bi-annually on valentine's weekend. The tournament stands for acknowledgement, achievement, and success.

VIVA is looking for … queers and friends who will participate in the competitions in swimming and volleyball, and who want to party with us. One of the staples of VIVA is that athletes participate to show solidarity and to underline that it doesn't matter which gender a person is attracted to.

VIVA is … supported by the SC Diana, which will supervise the swimming tournament in compliance with the regulations of the FINA Masters;

   … equipped with the technical equipment and referees of the Vienna Swimming Association to insure the best possible time keeping and documentation;

   … endorsed by the Austrian Swimming Federation and the Vienna Swimming Association, both welcome the initiative of VIVA;

   … promoted by the City of Vienna, which provides the sport facilities during the competition; and

   … made possible by volunteers who do believe in the cause.

VIVA invites … lesbians, gays, and their friends to come to Vienna. The 8th addition of the Vienna Valentine tournament is ready for the 350+ athletes participating in swimming and volleyball, and who will hopefully take as many of our crystal medals as possible back home. At the first tournament in 2005, 150 participants from more than 10 nations took part – and in 2009, a German masters record was swum.

Paul Schauer bei der Eröffnung von VIVA4

Paul Schauer and Ulrike Lunacek at the opening of VIVA4. (Photo: CPI)

Ulrike Lunacek and city councillor Christian Oxonitsch at the opening of VIVA5. (Photo: VOTAVA/PID)

Arno Pajek, President of the Austrian Swimming Federation (OSV) and Ulrike Lunacek (former Member and Vice-President of the European Parliament/The Greens and former Chairwoman of the LGBTI-Intergroup) at the opening of VIVA7.(Photo: Wolfgang Zelezny)

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